Serious Recreational players understand the benefits of good cover and blending into their environment. Wearing camo and concealing your gun is a good step in the right direction, but how many bushes do you see wearing goggles? With the help of SKINZ, the goal of becoming "One" with Nature just got easier! Take a quick look at the Sniper in the picture on the left. Can you see his lens, or better yet, his barrel pointing at you? He's wearing Stripez SKINZ and they really make the difference for him. They can do the same for you!

   Both Veterans and "Newbies" of our sport understand Camo is a big part of the game - The Rec players game. Nothing has the thrill of players walking right to you and never even knowing you were there. Nothing beats watching the same players calling "HIT" and asking where you are; only to be answered by silence. Rec players know what we're talking about. Stalking and hiding, all part of our game. Camo SKINZ can help in the "hiding" part of your game, but "stalking" only comes with practice.  

Cool digital designz to match your digital camo
Digiz Woodland SKINZ    
  DIGIZ Rain Forest SKINZ    
Digiz Urban Terrain SKINZ
  Digiz Universal Military SKINZ  
SKINZ NAME Description
DWOS - Digiz Woodland SKINZ
DRFS - Digiz Rain Forest SKINZ
DUMS - Digiz Universal Military SKINZ
DUTS -  Digiz Urban Terrain SKINZ

   You asked for them and now we got them! These Digital SKINZ finish off the look you want when going with the digital camo  patterns now on the market. In addition, these new digiz designz also go excellent with the 20/20 PCS Camo series. The DWOS SKINZ goes good with the  PCS Jungle 2007, the DUTS SKINZ goes nice with the PCS Urban, the DUMS SKINZ goes well with the PCS Universal and the DRFS SKINZ is perfect for  the standard PCS Jungle. These are a must have for the modern "warrior" paintballer.   

Standard Camo SKINZ


Camo Southern Pride







Camo Butterfly

Camo Tyger Eyez
Team GOP

 Better Than Ever! Old Glory!!!

Camo American Flag
Re-Designed to look like Image Above


   Snipers just love trees, bushes and weeds; they are close friends. Snipers know just how to use their friends to help their game. Blending in. That's the true name of the Snipers game. It would be easy to spot a Sniper that didn't blend, but would he really be a Sniper if he stood out? Ghille SKINZ were designed by Snipers for Snipers to help you blend in with your friends - trees, bushes and weeds - because they don't need goggles, but you do.
   Ghille SKINZ also work well for Rec players. The Olive is a close match for the JT Series and the Green is a good match for the Scott Series. Why let the Snipers have all the fun?

Ghille Brown

Ghille Green

Ghille Olive

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