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How to become a SKINZ Dealer

   To become a SKINZ dealer, there is an opening SKINZ order of 25 SKINZ (Custom not included). To receive dealer pricing info by fax, we will need a READABLE copy of your business license or field insurance faxed to us at 321-984-5419. Please remember to include the owners name and your fax number. Any fax received without your fax-back number will be sent by US Mail to the address listed on the license.

   We do accept dealer orders by COD (company check OK) or by Credit Card (with no extra charges). We ship within 4 days of your order, usually by FedEx 2nd day, unless other shipping arrangements have been made. Also, after your opening order, there is no minimum on re-orders, but COD charges may apply. There are also discounts for SKINZ Dealers on Regular Banners, FULL Color Banners and Stickers.

   We are here to help you and your business. We will still need a copy of your business license to discuss any pricing.

Thanks for your Interest.

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Order Form for Existing Dealers

   The forms below have been added to make ordering SKINZ even easier! By downloading the form and printing them, you are able to select from all the Standard SKINZ (Camo, Loud and Ref Series) along with "Dealer Only" Customs. When filling out and faxing the form, please include a cover sheet with your name, complete address and day-time phone number.

View and Print as a Web Page: CLICK HERE

Please Fax Completed Forms to: 321-984-5419

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User Groups with SKINZ

One Shot One Kill

Contact us to have your Group or
Club have their own Custom SKINZ

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Questions on SKINZ

1. How do I apply SKINZ, and is it easy?
    First, remove your lens from the frame
(you do not need to remove your lens from the goggle frame, but we have found this will give the best results). Next, make sure your lens is completely clean according to your manufacturer's instruction. After a drying period, peel off your SKINZ from the backing and apply to your lens starting at the bridge of the nose. Slowly lay down each side, careful not to wrinkle... And that's it. Simple, huh? We recommend waiting a 2 to 3 days before use to help strengthen the bond. Try not to peel off and re-apply, this will only weaken the bond to your lens and increase the chance of the SKINZ coming off from a direct hit.
Note: SKINZ will not properly adhere to products like Super Glaze and other lens coatings.

2. Will this hold up to a paintball impact?
    Yes. SKINZ have been tested with
direct hits at less then 10 feet, but a close side hit may tear them if your lens was not cleaned before application or if the SKINZ was peeled off during application. A SKINZ life is about 3 months of average use. Cleaning will require a spray bottle with water and a paper towel to blot dry. Remember to follow your goggle/lens manufacturer's recommendation to always check your lens before every use, and replace it if ANY cracks or chips are found.

3. "Can I see out of that stuff?"
    Of course! It's like looking through a screen window, once you get use to having it on you forget about it. The back side of every SKINZ is blank - you do not see the pattern of your SKINZ. Benefits of SKINZ include the Advertising your team, your Sponsor and just to camo yourself that last step and conceal your lens. When SKINZ are used with a product like GoggleFlauge from SmartParts - watch out... this combo will completely conceal your mask and head features from your opponents. This is a Snipers dream setup.

4. Will SKINZ work with tinted lens?
    Yes. Some SKINZ designs actually work even better with colored lens. Smoke lens seem to bring out the darker details of certain SKINZ, like the "Skull" design. Other SKINZ work better with mirror tint, such as "GET SOME" or the "Vortex" style. For low light use, a clear lens is recommended.
Removing a SKINZ from a "Mirror" Tinted lens can damage the coating, but not the strength of the lens.

5. Can I have "anything" printed on SKINZ?
    Yes. We can do  just about any design on SKINZ. You can check out the Custom SKINZ page and see some examples of this. There is a minimum order, but having something original may make the difference to you and your Team. Contact us for more details and possible restrictions.

6. How much are these things?
   SKINZ cost is $12.50 retail. Custom SKINZ usually run $12.50, but have a setup fee (usually $10.00) and REQUIRE a minimum order of 9 SKINZ. These prices do not include shipping or sales tax, if applicable.

7. "Where can I get'em?"
    Ask for SKINZ at your local dealer or supplier. If they do not carry SKINZ, have them contact us. Dealers are listed here. SKINZ are available from us directly as a last resort (see our Order Page). Don't forget to check out the Links to see some of our favorite websites.

8. "What will these SKINZ-thing's fit???" 
   GoggleSKINZ Custom fit each of the following Goggle Systems. Most goggle systems on the market use the same lens as others due to testing costs. Please check the lens styles listed below for your model. Click here for a quick reference chart of masks.

Each package is color coded:  


ATTENTION!!! Due to the "Bubble" style curve of the lens,
will not work on the DYE Invision,
 B.E. 280, B.E. MAXX and the V-Force series

There is NO DIRECT fit for the JT Proto Switch but the JT Spectra is close. If you order
for the SWITCH you will receive the JT Spectra SKINZ.


SKINZ are not intended for use on lenses for Snow Boarding, Snow Skiing or Motor Sports.

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Additional Information

For any questions not answered on this website, comments or other "stuff"; please contact us at one of the following:

PO Box 120446
West Melbourne, FL   32912

The best way to contact us is E-mail here

Fax: 321-984-5419

Voice: 321-480-2991 (between 6:00PM and 8:00PM EST ONLY)


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