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   Ever see those "cool" logo's and sayings on the top edge of the "PRO" players masks and ask where did they get those? If you haven't, then you might as well leave now... If you have seen them or have been thinking about them, well, we've got them now! Our solid piece design makes LIDZ have an increased life, not separate lettering which can be blown off leaving strange sayings or worse.

   LIDZ are available for the JT Spectra/260/Proteus, the JT X-fire/nVader, the Scott Intruder/Strike and the Diablo Skul.  Shown below are a few samples of what we can do. New designs will be coming soon! LIDZ are approximately 3/4" tall and go across the top edge of the lens.
Background color can be clear, black or white.
Graphic/Lettering color can be any single color from white, black, red, yellow, blue or green.

 Price per LIDZ is $5.25 each for our standard designs
(Shipping in the USA included in the price)

  Custom LIDZ with Team names or sayings can be done at a cost of $5.50 each with a minimum of 3 (shipping again included for USA). Choose from the color listings above! Multiple colors and different backgrounds are NOT available at this time; so don't even think about it. 

   LIDZ can only be ordered by Paypal.  Please submit your order to and included all information on background color, image color, style and mask type. Remember to chose one background color and one image color (do not pick the colors the same or only a solid band will come out!!!). For team names, please include EXACTLY how you want it to appear; one line of text only please.


(Black with white)


(White with Black)


(White with Black)


JT Spectra/260 are shown above for example only

LIDZ orders are only available through Paypal only at this time.


 LIDZ Type

Cost per LIDZ is $5.25 each
Remember to include Mask Type

Paypal account is

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