Let's face it, Paintball Players like to be a little different. They would rather be shooting their friends ( "marking" for the politically correct ) then playing golf or sitting on the couch watching TV. Loud SKINZ help you push being different to the Extreme. Loud SKINZ scream at your opponent, making them think twice about who you are and what "State of Mind" you are in!

  From Mild to Wild, our ever growing line of Loud SKINZ let you express yourself and your style of play.  Get Loud SKINZ and Play LOUD without making a sound!
   If you have an idea for Loud SKINZ, drop us a line or an example... Who knows, we may just use it and send you one for FREE!!! Contact us here. Please, no files larger then 500k. NO ".doc" ".txt" "exe" ".bat" or ".vbs" extensions will be accepted.


Ghost Eyez

Dead Eye






Evil Skull Eyez

Evil Eyez Blue

Demon Eyez (Red)

Demon Eyez (Olive)

Wolf Eyez

Snake Man

Dragon Eyez


Battle Flag

Sick Eyez

Tiger Eyez


Peeled Skin

Alien Eyez


Evil Clown

Matrix Skull

Gorilla Eyez

Space Warrior

Evil Eyez white

Evil Eyez Red

Evil Eyez Green

Evil Eyez Yellow

American Flag

Southern Pride

Canadian Flag

Bar Code


All Black*

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For any questions on SKINZ, CLICK HERE

*NOTE: The All Black SKINZ will NOT make your lens completely black.

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