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What are GoggleSKINZ®? (In case you don't know)


  To find out what lens style you need for SKINZ, scroll below! Make sure to stop by the GALLERY to see fellow players wearing their SKINZ. GoggleSKINZ® are intended for Paintball ONLY.


A Quick History Lesson on SKINZ

   GoggleSKINZ® (or SKINZ), the Ultimate One Way Camo for your lens, were first designed to help cut down on goggle "flash" while in deep cover. Eight SKINZ; three CAMO, four  LOUD and one REF were the first to hit the market in late 1998. These few designs have now grown to over fifty-five Standard designs, as well as to over one hundred Custom SKINZ used to display team names with full color graphics, advertise paintball products for factory sponsored teams and to just let players express their own personal style of play.


   As the popularity of SKINZ has grown, the appearance in and on multiple Paintball Magazines has too. Many positive reviews have been published about SKINZ, including being called one of the best paintball products under $15.00! One of our SKINZ history highlights was our "first" cover by Paintball Sports International July 1999 showing Ozzy Osborne and his son, Jack (when he was little) wearing Custom Diablo SKINZ. It was (and still is) one of our most memorable occasions, being big Ozzy fans.


 Our E-mail address is Majestic12@bellsouth.net


SKINZ Mask Compatibility

   GoggleSKINZ® Custom fit each of the following Goggle Systems. Most goggle systems on the market use the same lens as others due to testing costs. Please check the lens styles listed below for your model. Click here for a quick reference chart of masks.

Each package is color coded:  

   ATTENTION!!! Due to the "Bubble" style curve of the lens,
® will not work on the DYE Invision,
 B.E. 280, B.E. MAXX and the V-Force series

There is NO DIRECT fit for the Proto Switch but the JT Spectra is close. If you order
for the SWITCH you will receive the JT Spectra SKINZ.

SKINZ are not intended for use on lenses for Snow Boarding, Snow Skiing or Motor Sports

Questions on SKINZ??

   If you questions on SKINZ, CLICK HERE to find the answers or e-mail us here.



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Other "STUFF"

     As well as SKINZ, we also market Team Banners (both Standard and FULL COLOR), Custom Stickers and Event Trophies. Feel free to browse these products by pressing the STUFF button. We are also able to do Custom Graphic work to meet any needs of your Team or Business at reasonable rates.  If you have any questions or comments about us or any of our products or services, please feel free to e-mail us here.
Thanks for stopping by. PLAY HARD and PLAY SAFE!

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