Being a referee you want to be SEEN and not SHOT. When getting in the action, where all good refs are, chances are your going to be hit. A judges vest and bright colors are always a good start, but sometimes you wish you had more.

  Now you do... REF Goggle SKINZ

   Worn on any color mask, you scream to the players "REFEREE OVER HERE!!! DON'T SHOOT!!!". In addition to helping you be seen, REF SKINZ have other advantages. From keeping crawlers safe to making wipers think twice, REF SKINZ unique "one-way camo" let you view the game without showing "who" you may be watching. REF SKINZ come in the standard "REFEREE" or can be Custom made with the field name on a yellow or orange background. Call us for more details on how we can help the "look" of your ref staff.

Goggles On

Standard Ref


REF SKINZ... A Referee's best friend!

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