After many requests for stickers, we are proud to bring Custom Stickers to you at reasonable prices. Unlike many places where a minimum of 250 is the norm, we offer sticker runs of as little as 20.  Your price is based on square inch (up to 12 sq. inches any size - like 2"x 6" or 3"x 4") per sticker and color content.  Larger stickers or colored vinyl are available at additional costs.  We also offer the low setup fee of only $5.00 per sticker design, with no additional setup on any re-orders of the same sticker.  Check anywhere else and you will see no one comes close for the same quality at these minimums quantities.  These make great team stickers for gear or equipment, and logos for manufacturers for team banners.

Full Color Examples


2 and 3 Color Examples


Cost below is per Sticker ($5.00 setup and shipping not included)
Prices below are for White Vinyl up to 12" sq. in a box or rectangle shape


Cost for single color

Cost for two color

Cost for three color

Cost for full color

Basic run of 20 $1.75 $1.90 $2.05 $2.20
21 to 50 $1.65 $1.80 $1.95 $2.10
51 to 100 $1.55 $1.70 $1.85 $2.00
100 to 150 $1.45 $1.60 $1.75 $1.90
150 to 250 $1.35 $1.50 $1.65 $1.80
251 to 300 $1.30 $1.45 $1.60 $1.75
301 and up Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us

Price example:
A run of 20 two color stickers in a 3"x4" rectangle, plus the setup fee of $5.00, plus shipping of $3.50 would be $46.50 total.
Additional orders of same stickers do not incur another setup fee

E-mail us for Pricing on larger stickers, colored vinyl or irregular shapes

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