We now offer more services then just Goggle SKINZtm. We can help you create a Team Image with Stickers and Custom Banners ( FULL COLOR or Stanard )! Our prices are VERY competitive and our work is OUTSTANDING (In our opinion, of course, but just look at the samples below). We believe in helping to make your team look as good as possible.

**Attention Field Owners and Event Organizers!**

   We now offers Custom Trophies for Paintball Events! Check out some of our Fantastic "One of a Kind" Acrylic Master Pieces. Set your event ABOVE the rest with these Awesome Beauties! See some of our samples below!


   Want to go the "Extra Mile" and really get noticed? We are now able to offer FULL COLOR BANNERS at prices most teams can afford! Finally, your team can look like a "million bucks" without having to spend it. Pricing is easy... For a 2'x6' FULL Color Banner the price is $275.00, a 3'x6' FULL Color Banner is $310.00 and for a huge 3'x8' FULL Color Banner the price is $360.   Please contact us for larger sizes or special requirements. Prices do not include shipping or sales tax for Florida residents.

   Along with Full Color Banners we also offer Custom Sized FULL Color Table Wraps (for Displays Booths and Trade Shows) up to 54" tall and as long as 150' WITHOUT SEAMS!  Contact us for details about what we can do to help your Business or Event get the exposure you deserve. It can really make a difference!

   As an added Bonus for Purchasing a Full Color Banner from us, you can request, and add a "clear" 12" tall strip (the length of your banner) for your "sponsor" stickers to be applied to, free of charge. This will increase the life of your Banner when you and Sponsors part ways (Let's hope not, but this is the real world!). This way you are NOT peeling them off YOUR Investment and YOUR Banner is kept Clean and New.


For more Information on what we can do,
Contact us by E-mail or by Phone: 321-480-2991


   So you and your friends finally decided on a team name. GREAT!  But how does anyone else know it?  Do like the "Pros" do it - With a Team Banner!  I know, your team is just getting started. Banners are way too expensive. 
  Guess again.  If your team is planning to enter tournaments or other events, you must be thinking you can and may win.  What do you do when your team finishes in the top three and pictures are being taken?  Hold air?   Not any more. 
   Look to the future, when you get sponsors where are their stickers going?  I'm sure they will want them visible, don't you?  Let us help you be ready.  Check out our low prices on quality Banners for your Team.  You can't afford to be holding air when you win.  But you already know that...

Standard Lettering Single Color 2 Color Single Color W/Graphic
Full Color Lettering

Our basic Banners are made from a super strong poly-weave that lasts for years! These Banners feature a "D-ring" fastening system which will not "Pull-out" like grommets, making the life of your banner possibly longer then your team! We offer you both standard weight banner material, and a heavier grade material at a slightly higher cost. The choice is up to you!

Basic Banner Pricing

Banner Size One Color Lettering Two Color Lettering
2 ft. by 6 ft. $62.00 (White banner) $70.00 (White banner)
3 ft. by 8 ft. $72.00 (White banner) $80.00 (White banner)

Price's above reflect standard color lettering (Red, Blue, Green or Black) and standard banner

For Pricing on Colored Banners, Logo's, Larger Sizes, Special Lettering and Adding Sponsors;
Contact us


  After many requests for stickers, we are proud to bring Custom Stickers to you at reasonable prices. Unlike many places where a minimum of 250 is the norm, we offer sticker runs of as little as 20.  Your price is based on square inch (up to 12 sq. inches any size - like 2"x 6" or 3"x 4") per sticker and color content.  Larger stickers or colored vinyl are available at additional costs.  We also offers the low setup fee of only $5.00 per sticker design, with no additional setup on any re-orders of the same sticker.  Check anywhere else and you will see no one comes close for the same quality at these minimums quantities.  These make great team stickers for gear or equipment, and logos for manufacturers for team banners.

Full Color Examples


2 and 3 Color Examples


Cost below is per Sticker ($5.00 setup and shipping not included)
Prices below are for White Vinyl up to 12" sq. in a box or rectangle shape


Cost for single color

Cost for two color

Cost for three color

Cost for full color

Basic run of 20 $1.75 $1.90 $2.05 $2.20
21 to 50 $1.65 $1.80 $1.95 $2.10
51 to 100 $1.55 $1.70 $1.85 $2.00
100 to 150 $1.45 $1.60 $1.75 $1.90
150 to 250 $1.35 $1.50 $1.65 $1.80
251 to 300 $1.30 $1.45 $1.60 $1.75
301 and up Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us

Price example:
A run of 20 two color stickers in a 3"x4" rectangle, plus the setup fee of $5.00, plus shipping of $3.50 would be $46.50 total.
Additional orders of same stickers do not incur another setup fee

E-mail us for Pricing on larger stickers, colored vinyl or irregular shapes


  We are also able to now help the field owner and event promoter too with Custom Paintball Trophies, and do they look GREAT! ( Pics coming soon!!)

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